1000lb pinnacle electric ceiling lift

Heavy transfers are virtually effortless for patients and caregivers with the Pinnacle®.



The Pinnacle® features an industry leading lifting capacity of up to 1,000 lbs to allow for the safe transfer of even the heaviest patients, including the ever increasing bariatric population.
Optional wireless hand control - access all iQ Technology™ with convenient digital hand control.
A high output lifting motor allows the Pinnacle® to perform all lifts with one motor rather than expensive, old style dual motor systems.
Tollos’ Infection Control lifting strap (right) can be wiped down to help prevent transmission of microbes vs. a traditional porous lift strap (left).

The new Pinnacle® 1000lb Electric Ceiling lift combines two innovative features - an optional integrated patient weigh scale and iQ Technology™ - to create the smartest ceiling lift on the market. The integrated scale saves up to 12” in lifting height making it possible to accommodate facilities with low ceilings.

Tollos’ revolutionary iQ Technology™ is integrated into the lift to provide intuitive diagnostics for a smarter lifting program, including supplying data on number of lifts, hours in use, low battery operation, last/next service and service alerts every 1,000 lifts.

Our four-point spreader bar, with optional locking carabiner clips, allows for maximum patient safety and can be used for effective in-bed repositioning - a task that older, two-point spreader bars just cannot effectively perform.

Plus, a new optional patent-pending wipedown lifting strap allows for the Pinnacle® to be completely disinfected, unlike older fabric lifting straps.

This lift is even further enhanced by our Curtain Track Pass Through option. This solution enables you to avoid cutting privacy curtains by allowing your existing privacy curtains to work seamlessly with the ceiling lift tracks.

Pinnacle® 1000lb Electric Ceiling Lift

  • Designed specifically for the institutional market, the new Pinnacle® Electric Ceiling Lift features a high output lifting motor and efficient gear drive for superior safety, durability and battery life.
  • Available with optional continuous in track charge.
  • Packed with an extensive array of safety and ease-of-use features.

iQ TechnologyTM
Lifting and transferring has never been more intuitive with the integration of iQ Technology™. By utilizing proprietary electronics, mated to a digital readout and optional integrated scale, caregivers and maintenance staff can now track critical lift and service data by the push of a button. Data displayed includes total lifts, total hours, total battery charges, current battery level, total low battery warnings, last/next service plus visual alerts every 1,000 cycles for preventative maintenance.

Optional Integrated Scale

  • Optional integrated scale saves up to 12 inches of lighting height and 40% cost versus external scale
  • Eliminates maintenance including replacing batteries on external scale

Optional Hand Control with Digital Read-Out

  • Access all iQ Technology™ with convenient digital hand control
  • Access patient weight if using integrated scale
  • Optional wireless hand control


  • 1000 lb lifting capacity
  • iQ Technology™
  • Integrated weigh scale (optional)
  • Quick release trolley (optional)
  • Remote hand control with display (optional)
  • Curtain Track Pass Through solution
  • Controlled emergency lower without tools


Power Source: 2 x 12VSLA Batteries, 4.5AH
Safe Working Load:
Model 1000/1000M: 1000 lbs (454 kgs)
Height (excluding trolley): 4.5” (11.4cm)
Width: 12.5” (31.75 cm)
Length: 12.5” (31.75 cm)
Spreader Bar: Six point with auto leveling side bars
Lifting Strap Width: 2” (5 cm)
Lifting Strap Length: 8’ (243 cm)
Charger: 120VAC/24VDCCSA/UL Approved
Lifting Motor: 24VDC
Overall Weight: 27.2 lb (12.3 kg)
Charging: End of Track
Emergency Stop: Standard
Visual Battery Indicator: Standard
Audio Low Battery Indicator: Standard
Emergency Lowering: Standard
Slack Strap Detector: Standard
Anti Free Wheel Safety System: Standard
Up Limit Switch: Standard
Down Limit Switch: Standard
Remote Hand Controller: Standard
Warranty: 1 Year
Integrated Weigh Scale: Optional
Compliant with:
ISO 13485  EN60601-1
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