span encore multi-positioning bed

Resident Care Beds with Enhanced Levels of Comfort and Safety for the Resident and Better Caregiver Ergonomics/Protection from Injury

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The Encore is our premium bed, providing measurably improved levels of care and comfort for the user and better ergonomics and protection from injury for the caregiver.  Many key features are included as standard and its accessory line-up includes width and length options that make it well-suited to nearly any mattress and most potential users in its market.

Encore’s Glidealign™ allows superior fall prevention, staff protection, and protection from shearing from friction.
Click once to expand out to 39” wide, click again for 42”

Glidealign Retractable Deck Technology

  • Helps resident maintain vertical alignment
  • Alignment helps prevent falls
  • Less repositioning reduces harmful skin shear
  • Less need for repositioning protects caregivers

Ready-wide Integrated Expansion

  • Ready “two click” expansion to 39” or 42”
  • Click again to navigate narrow doorways
  • Wider surface for safer transfers and ADLs
  • Accommodates users up to 600 lb (SWL)

Intelligent Smart Stop

  • Auto-stops when deck is lowered to 12.5”
  • Helps avoid unsafe egress from “too-low” bed
  • Reduces caregiver exposure to bedside emergencies
  • Staff foot-end control allows lowering to continue

Advanced Clinical Reporting

  • Comfort Chair
  • Trendelenburg Positioning
  • Reverse Trendelenburg Positioning
  • Auto Contour
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