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brochure_downloadRopox™ bathroom products offer flexible bathroom solutions to compensate for reduced physical ability.  Products are ergonomical, strong and provide extra support during washing. toileting and bathing.

The main goal of the Ropox™ product line is:

  • To help people with reduced physical ability to be more independent and to improve everyday life and self-esteem.
  • To make investment in the product economically attractive – in terms of both space-saving and fewer care resources.
  • To give caregivers a better working day with a better working environment and fewer days off sick.
Ropox-Shower-seat-in-movement ROPOX-Support-washbasin bruseleje-showcase

The Ropox™ Shower Seat is ideal for bathrooms where support is needed during bathing and where space is restricted.  The shape ensures secure and pleasant showering.

The Ropox™ Support Basin is height-adjustable and ideal for bathrooms used by multiple users with individual needs. It may be in hospitals and nursing homes, but also in private homes.

The Ropox™ Shower & Changing Bed is ideal in situations where a person needs to be bathed lying down, it is important that the bed can be lowered for the person to be transferred.  Safety and comfort are also important.  This bed can be folded up for additional space.

ROPOX-Swing-washbasin-exposed Ropox_Toilet_Arm shower-grab-bars

The shape and size of the Ropox™ Swing Washbasin ensures that seated and standing users can use the basin from the front or sides.  A model of the washbasin can also be height adjusted to suit individual users.

Toilet Support Arms with Optional Extensions

Support Grab Bars for Bathroom and Shower Walls

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