airpalDesigned specifically to reduce the risks associated with patient handling, the AirPal® is used to transfer patients from bed to stretcher and other areas of the hospital. AirPal dramatically reduces back injuries and increases the efficiency of hospital staff because less people are required to position or transfer patients – all while improving patient comfort and safety.

The AirPal works by releasing low-pressure air through perforated chambers. The launderable nylon Patient Positioning Pad is placed under a patient in the same manner as changing a bed sheet. A lightweight portable UL approved air supply is then attached to, and inflates, the Patient Positioning Pad. The air "lifts" the patient as it is released through the perforated underside. The patient is literally transferred on a cushioned film of air, allowing two staff members to perform a task which previously required four to eight, with minimal risk of injury to both staff and patient.

Hospitals using the AirPal system have realized tremendous reductions in the cost of workers’ compensation, lost work days and direct medical expenses. The AirPal creates an undeniable decrease in both the frequency and severity of musculoskeletal injuries associated with patient handling. Staff members with previous injuries are able to return to active status sooner due to the benefits in the reduction of lifting necessary for patient transfers.

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