Compact & Extraordinarily Durable Mobile Patient Lift.




The innovative Ultralift™ 2000 is your best in class lift from durability, versatility, price, features and warranty


Optional 6 point spreader for increased patient comfort


Powered base widening


Low profile base (casters just 3.5’ tall)

The innovative Ultralift™ 2000 500 lb (227kg) rated floor lift from Tollos combines form and function at an extremely cost-effective price.

A distinct dual mast design offers improvements in safety, strength and durability versus other lifts in its price class.

Standard features include:

  • High 500 lb (227kg) weight capacity
  • Dual mast design
  • Strongest pivot point
  • Soft start/soft stop electronics
  • Dual control
  • iQ Technology™
  • Optional integrated or external patient weigh scale

This is your best in class lift from durability, versatility, price, features and warranty.

High Capacity & Lifting Range

The Ultralift™ 2000 has a 500 lb (227kg) capacity surpassing all other lifts in its class. It also has remarkable lifting range with a max lifting height of 76” and a low height of 13”. Whether you are lifting off a tall bariatric bed or picking someone off the floor, the Ultralift™ 2000 accommodates all your lifting needs.


 The Ultralift™ 2000 comes standard with a 6 point spreader bar. It can be equipped with the following options:

  • Low profile base (casters just 3.5” tall)
  • External patient weigh scale
  • ntegrated patient weigh scale
  • Powered base widening
  • iQ Technology™ – an onboard diagnostic system for improved compliance and lift longevity

Optional Integrated Scale 

  • Optional integrated scale saves up to 8 inches of lifting height and 40% cost versus external scale
  • Eliminates maintenance including replacing batteries on external scale
  • Includes iQ Technology™ that provides service alerts when needed and every 1,000 lift cycles, tracks number of lifts and hours for compliance, etc.


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Competitive Lift Comparison

    Feature ULTRALIFT 2000TM Competitors
    Weight Capacity Highest No
    Dual Masts Yes No
    Folding for Transport & Storage Yes No*
    Extra Strong Joints Yes No
    Warranty Best No
    Integrated Scale Yes No
     iQ Technology™ Yes No
    Price Lowest No
    *Minor exceptions    

Mast Type: Electric Acuator
Length: 48"
Width: 25" - 55"
Height (Max):
Height (Min):
Weight Capacity:
500 lbs
Hand Control:
Drop Proof/Magnetic
Spreader Bar Points:
6 standard
Digital Weigh Scale:
Integrated Scale:
Batteries: Onboard
Caster Size:
4" rear, 3" front
Anti-Entrapment Sensor:
Base Width - Closed: 635mm or 25"
Weight: 106 lbs
4 years on frame
3 years on actuator
1 year on electronics


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