Tollos, Inc.


Our mission is to manufacture and distribute safety solutions and safety products for the healthcare market that significantly:

  • Reduce employee and patient injuries and infections
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Produce strong ROIs

Tollos (which means elevate in Latin) began manufacturing safe patient handling (SPH) products in 1989, added hygiene in 2011, infection control in 2013, and our material/equipment handling line in 2014. Tollos manufactures its SPH products, bath chairs and tub lifts in Ontario and the tub products in Tennessee. Tollos is ISO certified, uses state of the art R&D and manufacturing practices, has had zero recalls, and employs direct sales, service and training personnel throughout North America. And while our products are best in class with many innovative, proprietary features, they are very dependable, easy to use, have the lowest ownership costs and are value priced.

Our products fall in four main categories:

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Our Partners

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